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Welcome to the world of S.A.F.E. inc.
Basic Pistol Training as  required  pre issue for CT Carry Permit.  Any time by appointment.  Will give you Personal attention .  All guns ammunition and safety equipment is supplied in fee of $125.00 for course.
Satisfaction is guaranteed.  Call Ken Wilkinson Master Training Counselor @ 860 691-0650 to schedule.

CT required Annual training for Armed Guards, BEA’s and Bondsmen

Date: By appointment, call 860  691-0650

Location:  East Lyme CT.

Time: start at 8:00 AM

Training fee; $150.00 (one gun) + 25.00 for each added gun if needed.


Details: I am in receipt of a letter from the State of Ct. Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection Division of State Police, Special Licensing & Firearms Unit. It directs as follows:

Under the Ct General Statue, chapter 533a, Section 29-152m,29-152n and the regulations os State Agencies Section 29-152-o,

All armed security officers, bail enforcement agents, professional bondsmen and surety bondsmen shall successfully complete a yearly refresher course approved by the commissioner of Public Safety. This includes four hours of classroom , a written exam and range qualification with the firearm(s) to be carried on the job.

If you wish to meet your obligation of compliance for annual training please contact me to enroll. Also if you need the pre employment training for Blue Card or Gold Card call me for details.

Ken Wilkinson, Firearms instructor, Blue Card/ Gold Card

860 691-0650

Or email me @ go2safe@gmail.com


For scheduled Pistol Permit or Instructor classes go to:

S.A.F.E. has trained over 4000 unarmed and over 500 armed guards to the New York State mandated standards. Having gained approval by the State of CT. we are offering Blue Card (Armed) Gold Card  (Bail Enforcement Agent)  and Security Guard (Basic) training in the New London Area.  We have also trained numerous students in the proper use of OC, batons, edged weapons and hand to hand techniques. We provide personal protection services to those with an urgent need. We are NRA trainers at the basic, Instructor, Training Counselor, Senior and Master Training Counselor level. Landline us @ 860 691-0650
Cell Phone 860 857-0784 or E mail to go2safe@gmail.com
Thank you,

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S.A.F.E. llc.
, Niantic CT 06357

Phone: 860 691-0650

e mail to: go2safe@gmail.com

contact: Ken Wilkinson    go2safe@gmail.com