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H.R. 218, Free Training for Retired Police Officers

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H.R 218

On July 23rd of 2004, President Bush signed into law, H.R. 218,  The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act.  This will in simple terms allow a current or retired Police Officer to carry his hand gun, concealed, interstate and while traveling.  There are a few stipulations and requirements, The full text of this bill may be viewed on the Law Enforcement Alliance of America  (LEEA )home page.

The current " On the Job Officer" is required to have with him, Department ID and proof of having fired an annual qualifing course of fire as required by his/her state of residence.  This should be easily accomplished through the Officers department.
In the case of a "Retired Officer" it may not be so easy.  The problem and question may well be------  Who will provide the needed annual specified training?
At this time we are not sure how NY State retired Police Officers are going to be able to receive a NY State Certified annual training because to our knowledge and based on information derived from DCJS, no such certified training standard exists.
Contact us for details and scheduling range time.
Bill McCord  @  845.297-7709